3D printing
3D modeling

consultancy, postproduction

3D printing
high detailed custom models

3D printing from small things to complex objects

3D printing
3D modeling

consultancy, postproduction


  • Consultancy

    Due to experiences with 3D print we are able to advice our clients the right and effective selection.

  • 3D printing

    3D printing

  • Postproduction


  • Cooperation




Biodegradable material less prone to shrinkage. Ideal for common plastic products, which do not require high resistance (compared to ABS less resilient). PLA is the best choice for printing larger components and models as well as. Disadvantage of this material is that 3D prints could lose their mechanical features at temperatures above 60°C.


ABS is a hard plastic, more flexible and resistant than the PLA. Fireproof up to 80-105 ° C without loosing the strength and suitable for products requiring durability and resilient, e.g. mechanical components (LEGO toys are made from the same material too).

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